Bitman is a fair launch Ordinals NFT collection born from 210,000 BTC blocks.

The birth of Bitman originated from LOOT's open creation concept. We hope that Bitman will become an open IP that everyone can reference, and each Bitman can be customized, combined and created. It can be used as avatar creation, game character creation, and pet creation.

All data of Bitman comes from the block itself, which is a symbol of the decentralized spirit of BTC. Bitman's essence lies purely in the transparent, secure, and authentic on-chain block data.

Through BRC-720 AI Protocol, creators can breathe life into Bitman, generating diverse digital assets such as images, 3D entities, and music.. Imagine a vibrant collection of robots, avatars, musical compositions, and more, all brought to life through the innovative creativity of BRC720 creators.

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