❔Inscribe Rule

Its characteristics are directly derived from the block's data, reflecting the diversity and evolution of the Bitcoin blockchain itself.

To engrave a #Bitman with its unique inscription, follow these guidelines:

1. Visit http://bitworld.ai

2. Randomly generate a Bitman ID by clicking on the icon or you can type your desired Bitman ID

4.Click on [Single] to randomly a valid Bitman. Click on [Bulk] to randomly 10 valid Bitman, you can copy the text in batches.

5. Copy the TEXT content, then proceed to the @unisat_wallet or @okxweb3 Inscribe page

  1. Connect your wallet first, then select the "Text" box and paste into the blank.

  1. Double check your Bitman, wallet address & other info before "Submit & Pay Invoice"

Important notes:

  • Only the first confirmed Bitman inscription of each Bitcoin Block is counted as part of the collection.

  • Bitman generated prior to the corresponding Bitcoin block is invalid.

Wait for the Inscription Progress:

Inscription Example for Bitman: {"Bitman ID":1,"Birthdate":"2009-01-09 10:54","Species":"0x00000001","Size":215,"Weight":860,"Wealth":0,"Wisdom":1}

Join the legacy of Bitman inscriptions within BitWorld's vibrant ecosystem, adhering to these guidelines for a seamless and authentic experience.

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