⛏️Bitman Mining

A Blockfi experiment

To enhance Bitman's vitality and community engagement, BitWorld introduces Bitman Miningβ€”a playful experiment designed to reward users for their participation based on the output characteristics of the block itself, and issued BMAI tokens to reward participating users, which will be 100% distributed to the community.

Bitman Mining is an on-chain automated mining mechanism, empowering each Bitman with autonomous participation as a miner. Similar to BTC mining, where numerous miners compete for a block reward. Only one Miner claims the reward for each block. Every Bitman will participate in mining fairly and openly.

Click https://www.bitworld.ai/bitman to view the mining data panel to check the Miner of each block.

Hope more people will pay attention to the openness of Bitman and create more creations for Bitman.

On-Chain Mining Operation

The entire mining mechanism operates seamlessly on-chain, utilizing the inherent immutability and transparency of Bitman's on-chain block data. Bitman Miners engage in a novel form of mining by identifying and extracting valuable information from specific attributes within the Bitman block data, initiating the production phase.

Token Production and Competition

Tokens mined through this process are a direct result of block data mining and activation efforts. Every participating Bitman competes as computational power to secure token rewards produced with each new Bitcoin block. This competitive aspect ensures a fair distribution of tokens among actively contributing Bitman Miners.

Bitman Owner's Advantage

Bitman Owners can enable automated mining for their hosted Bitman, with the probability of winning token rewards increasing with the quantity of Bitman held. The more Bitman one possesses, the higher the likelihood of securing token rewards generated with each block.

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