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This guide walks you through the step-by-step process of creating assets based on Bitman, using X-Bitman as a prime example.


X-Bitman is the first visual AI Bitman of the BRC-720 AI protocol. X-Bitman represents a demonstration of assets created through the capabilities of the BRC-720 protocol, including on-chain attribute parsing, copyright fees, and AI functionalities, then producing a unified asset format (HTML).

X-Bitman Elements Composition

To create a unique X-Bitman, we delve into Bitman's six on-chain attributes: Birthdate, Species, Size, Weight, Wealth, and Wisdom. Each attribute spans a range of values, with varying elements assigned to them.

Each X-Bitman is a unique composition of elements corresponding to the 6 attributes of the referenced Bitman. Just so you know, the provided example is a representation, not the final engraved appearance. It just serves as a reference point.

Let's explore the principles behind X-Bitman's element composition,imagine the attributes as different body parts:

  1. Species: Represents the head.

  2. Birthdate: Corresponds to the torso.

  3. Size: Represents the legs.

  4. Weight: Symbolizes the arms.

  5. Wealth: Signifies adornments on the body.

  6. Wisdom: Represents adornments on the head.

Attributes List

  • Age Principle

The age of Bitman is a crucial factor. Each year corresponds to a unique element. For example, Age1 represents the first year, Age2 the second, and so on, up to Age15.

  • Digit Principle

Extending to all attributes, the number of digits in each attribute's value corresponds to a unique element. This ensures diverse and visually captivating compositions for X-Bitman, with each digit contributing to its distinctive appearance.

For instance,

a 1-digit attribute corresponds to element 1,

a 2-digit attribute corresponds to element 2, and so forth.

Each attribute seamlessly aligns with its respective element based on its numerical position.


This unique combination of elements based on attribute intervals results in the diverse and distinctive appearance of each X-Bitman. The utilization of attribute bit counts ensures a broad range of creative possibilities for users during the inscription process.

On-Chain Visualization

X-Bitman is created entirely on-chain and it operates on the principle of complete on-chain visualization.

Users select Bitman attributes, mapping them to corresponding visual elements. Before inscription, the appearance of any X-Bitman remains unknown, created uniquely by each user.

The on-chain composition underscores X-Bitman's fairness and immutability. Once inscribed, the visual and AI elements are permanently embedded, ensuring the integrity and uniqueness of each creation.

Users actively shape their X-Bitman's visual and AI aspects. The on-chain composition guarantees that every X-Bitman is a direct result of user creativity and choices.X-Bitman's creation process is characterized by transparency, fairness, and user-centric design. As users delve into the fascinating world of X-Bitman, they contribute to the growth of an ecosystem built on the principles of innovation, creativity, and the decentralized spirit of BitWorld.

X-Bitman Inscription Cost Efficiency

In order to save users' engraving costs, we have adopted a proactive approach by directly pre-carving the relevant components and JavaScript capabilities of X-Bitman onto the blockchain. Despite the gas costs exceeding 0.2 BTC, it achieves file size optimization during engraving, significantly reducing user costs. Users benefit from a reduction in inscription costs of over 2/3.

InscriptionTraditional NFTX-Bitman

Minting process

Involves loading elements during minting

Pre-engraved elements and JS abilities on the blockchain.


High gas fees (>30U)

Minimal gas (about 10U)

AI Capabilities

X-Bitman pioneers the first generation of AI capabilities. Initially, it possesses conversational abilities to assist and answer queries. The AI evolves with model upgrades and training, aiming to become a fully autonomous AI Agent capable of handling various tasks.

More Ideas

Hope that this guide serves as a source of inspiration and contemplation for creators, encouraging them to explore new realms of creativity. Additionally, we have received valuable feedback from numerous creators and users.

Here are some noteworthy ideas that have emerged based on Bitman:

  • Bitman Game Development

Create interactive and engaging games where Bitman characters embark on quests, solve puzzles, or engage in battles. Utilize their unique attributes and AI capabilities for dynamic gameplay.

  • Bitman Desktop Pet

Design a virtual desktop pet featuring Bitman with its own personality, behaviors, and interactions. Users can enjoy the companionship of their AI-infused Bitman while working on their computers.

  • Bitman Novel or Short Story

Craft imaginative stories or short novels centered around Bitman characters. Explore the BitWorld ecosystem, their adventures, and the dynamic relationships among different Bitman entities.

  • Bitman Art Gallery

Curate an art gallery showcasing visual interpretations of Bitman. Collaborate with artists to portray Bitman in various styles and settings, expressing the diversity and creativity within the BitWorld.

  • Bitman Music and Audio

Compose music or create audio experiences inspired by the essence of Bitman and the blockchain world. Use the unique attributes of Bitman to influence the musical composition or storytelling.

Remember, these are just starting points, and the potential for creativity and innovation is vast. The ongoing upgrades to the BRC-720 protocol will continue to open new avenues for exploration and inspire creators to push the boundaries of what is possible within the BitWorld.

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