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AI Protocol

What's BRC-720?

BRC720 protocol is an innovative AI-driven protocol that combines AI capabilities with the immutable properties of blockchain to generate characters and various components for on-chain games. Integrated into Bitworld's modular gaming engine, BRC720 empowers users to freely create diverse on-chain games through its composability features.

BRC720 protocol stands as a cornerstone of Bitworld's AI-driven modular gaming infrastructure, embodying technical innovation, distribution innovation, and pioneering use cases in the realm of blockchain-based gaming.This protocol contains various AI features, including text-to-image, text-to-3D, image-to-3D. Which provides a comprehensive infrastructure for artists, developers, and users to explore the full potential of on-chain games.

BRC-720 Key Features

  • Technology Innovation

Generating 3D Voxels through AI to transform images into 3D, while compressing technology to minimize 3D storage and achieve assets on the chain.

  • Innovation in issuance

The fully on-chain combination of AI and native NFT assets, the protocol sets new standards for technology advancement.

It is a truly user led asset issuance method, where users decide whether to generate their own NFTs in 3D and bind the collection information of the original NFTs with new 3D assets.

  • Use case innovation

3D assets have a wide range of applications, and can be combined with games, metaverse, social, and AI agents to achieve autonomous trading and social interaction.

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