BRC720 Marketplace is a platform designed to facilitate seamless trading of assets and components generated through the BRC720 protocol. By leveraging the capabilities of the BRC720 protocol, users can effortlessly exchange various BRC720 assets, including game characters and components.

Features of the 720 Marketplace

  • Asset Trading

All assets created through the BRC720 protocol, such as game characters and components, are readily tradable on the marketplace.

  • Batch Transactions

The marketplace supports batch transactions, allowing users to execute multiple trades in a single transaction. This feature helps optimize gas fees and enhances the efficiency of trading operations.

  • Incentive Programs

Users who engage in trading activities on the BRC720 Marketplace may be eligible for various incentive programs. For instance, collections that reach a certain trading volume may qualify for participation in the AINN L2 NFT staking program, where they can earn rewards in AINN L2 tokens. Additionally, participants may receive ecosystem incentives from Bitworld.

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